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K. International Press, Inc. Sales

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The Technocut 1050-s is an Automatic Die Cutting Machine with Stripping Unit. It can run large format up to 41 inches. Features include: high speed, easy to operate, quick changeovers, durability and stable performance. These features make this machine one of the best options available.

SMARTFOLD 800/1100


The Smartfold 800 and 1100 are specially indicated for the most demanding packaging companies, commercial printers and finishers. They are optimized to run small medium sized boxes like the ones used in pharmaceutical or cosmetic industries. They are flexible to operate and come with state of the art technology and electronics. The standard version includes the accessories for straight line and crash lock bottom boxes. It is flexible and easy to operate.

DGM Technofoil 1050 FSC Foil Stamping: New Model

The machine range of Foiling machines offer many different kinds of combinations to meet all of the customer’s needs, from single transverse hot stamping function in two direction plus hologram integrated solution; also die cutting and hot stamping with stripping. High accuracy and superb quality and productivity makes this model range one of the best Foiling machines on the market today.

See it in action:

DGM Smartvision 1100 Folder Gluer: New Model

See it in action:

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